8 Thought Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn, and I especially love to read posts by those who’ve been successful in their fields. So, today, I’m giving you 8 people to follow, for inspiration and motivation.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for a little inspiration, I tend to gravitate towards people who are not only inspirational, but also extremely motivational (and informative) about how they’ve accomplished their achievements in their careers, and lives.

LinkedIn is a great tool for anyone in the workforce. Not only is it an oasis for meaningful professional opportunities and connections, but it also offers an abundance of inspirational and motivational content for those in need.

There are many influencers on LinkedIn, but here are eight thought leaders you don’t want to miss:

1. SIR RICHARD BRANSON (Founder, The Virgin Group) : Known to push the envelope. Initially, it was surprising that so many of LinkedIn’s members (8.7+ million) follow and comment on Sir Branson’s intuitive posts. His page is full of pieces that are not only informative, but also aspirational, including: “The Lighter Side of Work-Life Balance” and “You’re Never to Old to Learn or Too Young to Teach.”

2. KATYA ANDRESEN (CEO, Cricket Media & EPALS) : The Secret Fears That Hold Back Women in the Workplace” and “The Best Mentors for Your Career Growth – and How to Find Them” are two of the most popular posts from the Washington DC resident. Entirely focused on goals and hard work, she is a great person to follow if you’re craving hard work, endurance, and

3. KAT COLE (President, Focus Brands) : If you’ve never heard the name, look her up. Her career path is a testament to hard work and perseverance. Starting her career as a waitress at Hooters, she would eventually go on to become Vice President of the company, before moving to her current position as President of Focus Brands (which includes Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s, and Carvel). Although short on publishing posts, she routinely shares posts from inspirational sources, at various career levels, offering hope for those of us also climbing the ladder.

4. BETH COMSTOCK (Vice Chair, GE) : Being in charge of an international conglomerate is daunting enough, but also finding the time to offer insight into what it takes to get there? Incredible. As the person overseeing the growth of GE’s initiatives, Beth Comstock offers her followers pieces that hit right where they need them to, including: “If I Were 22: Why Would We Ever Hire You?” and “Best Advice: What Happened After I Overheard Someone Call Me Too Negative.” It’s practical advice from a woman at the top of her game.

5. NAOMI SIMSON (Founding Director, Red Balloon (Australia)) : After founding (and growing) her tech firm, Simson wrote a book titled: Live What You Love: When Passion & Purpose Change Your Life, focusing on figuring out what you want in your career and how to get there. Her LinkedIn articles offer readers options on leadership, entrepreneurship, wellness, balance, and fun. I highly recommend reading “The 4 Critical Traits of Highly Successful People.

6.  CLAIRE DIAZ-ORTIZ (Author, Speaker, (Former) Corporate Social Innovation at Twitter) : It is articles like, “The First Thing You MUST Do on a Monday Morning” (read more that 340,000 times) that has ensconced Diaz-Ortiz on the list of professionals to follow on LinkedIn. Her straightforward approach to providing motivation is one of the reasons her following is growing. You should also check out, “Don’t Do What They Tell You to Do” and ”Why You Need to Break the Rules at Work.”

7. ROBERT HERJAVEC (Panel Member, Shark Tank & Founder, Herjavec Group) : Herjavec is a businessman, known, most notably, for his appearances on Shark Tank on ABC. On LinkedIn, he is a motivational writer, offering up guidance on how to not miss out on life when focusing on your career. Posts he’s shared with his followers include: “Work Hard, Have Fun, Dream Big,” “Separating Top Performers from Those with Great Interview Skills,” and “Best Advice: The Worst Thing You Can Do is Nothing.”

8. JEFF WEINER (CEO, LinkedIn) : “A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings,” “The Importance of Scheduling Nothing,” and “Three Keys to Karaoke” are just a sampling of the content you’ll access when you follow Weiner. Running the gambit from finances to kindness, his readership is offered a plethora of inspiration and information. 

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